An example of some of the family law issues that we handle are:

  - No Fault Divorces

  - Fault Grounds/Contested Divorces

  - Child Support

  - Child Custody

  - Adoptions

  - Paternity Actions

  - Modifications

  - Prenuptial Agreements

  - Post-nuptial Agreements

  - Alimony

  - Property Division

  - Contempt Actions

  - Temporary Restraining Orders

  - Preliminary Injunctions

  - Emergency Relief

  - Termination of Parental Rights

  - Guardianships

Divorce and custody matters are very stressful and emotional. Therefore, you should hire a law firm that has the experience to achieve the results you desire, while remaining mindful of the trying time that you are going through.

Simplify your court proceedings by getting the knowledge, experience, and compassion of the family law services of Barlow & Moore, PLLC. Our firm will aggressively represent your interests to give you the best possible chance of resolving your case in your favor. 


We use the latest and most effective discovery methods and motion practice techniques to ensure that you, your family, and your financial interests are protected.


No case is too small, and every case gets our full attention.

If you need assistance with your family law needs, please contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.


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